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We are Legal Alliance – a dynamic and modern law firm consisting of a team of highly skilled law professionals. With many years of experience we strive to deliver the highest standards of integrity, efficiency and responsiveness in all our work and pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex, sophisticated legal work whilst taking a personal interest in each of our clients and maintaining long-term business relationships.


Draft your own Will today. During these difficult times did we realize that if there is a time that everyone needs a will, it is now. However we know that a professional drafted will can be costly, therefore did we decide to bring our part and give back to our community so that everyone can be in possession of a professional drafted will and rest assured that their estates are looked after. Our legal team came together and created the online wills drafting system to ensure that you are looked after.


At Legal Alliance we focus on the efficient management and administration of estates ensuring they are handled sensitively and swiftly. The death of a loved one can put you under a great deal of emotional stress and dealing with the legal, tax and administrative responsibilities can often be a very daunting task. Whether you need advice on what steps to take in dealing with an estate of a loved one or if you would like us to carry out all relevant services to wind up an estate on your behalf – we are ready to help.


Looking for cost effective, fixed-fee contract lawyers? Look no further. We produce clear and concise documents that our clients can understand and use from day to day without having to consult lawyers for further advice. We have accumulated significant experience, industry knowledge and expertise providing business contract legal advice and the structuring of legally binding agreements allowing us to draft and review contracts quickly whilst maintaining an extremely high quality of service.

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We are partnered with the best laws firms in South Africa and are we able to assist with all your legal matters more specifically:

Get a Professional Will

  • Wills should be drafted professionally by an attorney.
  • Don’t have a will? We’ll draft yours.
  • Unsure if your will complies with all legal requirements? Simply contact us and get your will in order today.

Wedding Starter Kit

Everyone can benefit from a prenuptial arrangement provided that it is properly drafted.

  • Our offer: A well-drafted legal prenuptial agreement
  • A complimentary will and consultation.

Business Starter Kit

  • Kickstart your business and save yourself from headaches. Let us draft your professional legal employment agreements.
  • Employment contracts.
  • A single employment contract.

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