Practice Areas

Conveyancing & Property Law

We offer seamless transfer of properties and conveyancing services to our clients. Whether you are selling or buying a property anywhere in South Africa, we are able to assist. We connect with our clients on a personal level and present them with a clear process of the property transaction and keep them updated every step of the way. We make the process simple and trouble-free and are committed to complete this in the fastest possible time frame. Our solutions are designed to offer you peace of mind and an understanding of your legal transactions.

Wills and Trusts

Don’t have a will? Get your will drafted by us today, free of charge. If you don’t have a will, dealing with your estate after death becomes very tricky for your partner and family. Remember to update your will regularly – when you get married, you may want to adapt your will to include your partner or the two of you might want to set up a joint Will. Estate Planning is our forte. We undertake to ensure that your personal assets are managed efficiently should anything happen to you. We assist you in forming a comprehensive plan to cover and protect your assets and to prevent any unnecessary problems from arising. What is a Trust? It is an arrangement whereby a person (a Trustee) holds assets in favour of the beneficiaries of the trust. Trusts have been used for generations to avoid or solve problems in two main areas: taxation and family matters. Legal Alliance can advise you on both.


At Legal Alliance we focus on the efficient management and administration of estates ensuring they are handled sensitively and swiftly. The death of a loved one can put you under a great deal of emotional stress and dealing with the legal, tax and administrative responsibilities can often be a very daunting task. Whether you need advice on what steps to take in dealing with an estate of a loved one or if you would like us to carry out all relevant services to wind up an estate on your behalf – we are ready to help. Our specialist team offer our clients fast expert advice and solutions – whether the deceased have left a valid Will or not. We appreciate that when it comes to personal wealth planning, tax, trusts and succession your individual concerns are just as important as the technical issues. We take time to understand your specific circumstances, family situations, business and financial arrangements. We are a modern, transparent and accessible law firm and will keep you updated every step of the way. Additionally we provide our clients access to our custom online estate tracking system which you can visit to track the progress and stages of an estate’s administration.

Contracts & Commercial

Looking for cost effective, fixed-fee contract lawyers? Look no further. We produce clear and concise documents that our clients can understand and use from day to day without having to consult lawyers for further advice. We have accumulated significant experience, industry knowledge and expertise providing business contract legal advice and the structuring of legally binding agreements allowing us to draft and review contracts quickly whilst maintaining an extremely high quality of service. A contract is a legally binding agreement. It is not advisable to draw up contracts yourself or rely on ‘off the shelf’ forms readily available these days. Each contract is different and unique, and requires the services of an Attorney. This will ensure that many future pitfalls and problems can be avoided and that your rights and interests are protected at all times. Commercial Law is the body of law which regulates and develops the business world. Across a broad number of sectors, we advise companies on how to consistently make the correct decisions and maximise their advantage and avoid risk. We prepare and assess any form of commercial contract – our solutions are realistic and effective.

Notarial Practice

A Notary is a public functionary who is authorized to draw and attest contracts and other documents.

● Our notarial services include the following: 
● Execution and registration of antenuptial contracts 
● Registration and cancellation of notarial bonds 
● Registration and cancellation of notarial servitudes 
● Authentication of documents for use abroad 
● Execution and Registration of Mining Contracts 
● Registration and cancellation of notarial lease agreements 
● General notarial practice and drafting of agreements

Insolvency | Liquidations

The Law of Insolvency is regulated by the Insolvency Act together with the New Companies Act. 1. Voluntary surrender of estate Voluntary surrender of ones estate in simple terms is where the debtor would surrender his,her or their assets to provide for the over burdening liabilities. Thus no more debt… 2. Company Liquidation Liquidation is a legal process in terms of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 whereby a Company or Close Corporation is closed due to the fact that it is insolvent / bankrupt. We have experience in all Company, Close Corporations, Trust liquidations etc. We are an established firm specializing in insolvency. 3. Compulsory Sequestration This procedure involves a court application, the applicant will be a creditor of the debitor. The main aim of sequestration is to prevent creditors from incurring further damages. These are highly complex pieces of legislation that require substantial attention to detail. Our attorneys are available to guide clients through the processes and procedures associated with liquidations and sequestrations.


Consumers identify your products through the way your Trademarks are used to brand your products. Therefore, when developing a branding strategy and assessing branding options, it is vitally important to consult a Trademark attorney and consider the registrability of the Trademarks in your proposed branding 
Trademark registrations can also be used to build your IP portfolio and increase your intangible asset base. 

Services Include: 

  • Investigating the availability of Trademarks for use and registration 
  • Providing strategies for the management and growth of your Trademark portfolio 
  • Assessing the risk of infringement of existing Trademarks 
  • Advice on licensing and assigning Trademarks 
  • Trademark searching to locate Trademarks registered in South Africa.

Company Registrations and Administrations

We can assist with quick and easy company registrations nationally. Our services include the registration, conversion and administration of existing and new company structures in and outside of groups of companies

Financial Rehabilitation

After a person has been declared insolvent and the estate has been dealt with by the Trustee, to distribute the assets and expunge the liabilities, an insolvent may apply to the High Court for his/her/their Rehabilitation. The prescribed creditors’ 1st and 2nd meetings must be concluded and the Liquidation and Distribution account should have been drafted and accepted by the Master before such application can be made. Once the insolvent has been rehabilitated no previous creditor may lay claim to the newly rehabilitated estate. Let us assist.

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